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Is it " employment" or " bondage"

by Andy Hall

I love this excerpt from Abraham

Is it an employment "opportunity" or bondage? Because what you really want is freedom, many of you equate working for other people as bondage. But if you would realize that the corporation, as an entity, is not so different from the individual, it might be easier to understand the employer's decisions. Long before the buildings or the workers, the visionary of the corporation had an idea for something that began summoning Energy. So years later maybe you are hired as a part of that team and, without realizing it, you are now the beneficiary of that continuing flowing Energy. When you step into one of those employment positions, Life Force is summoned through you because of the vision of the founder—unless you're bucking the current. Most get into that fast moving stream and paddle against the current—and then complain about it being a hard ride—where they could get into their canoe and easily paddle with the fast moving current. You can soar and thrive in any environment as long as you are not seeing things that you are using as your reason to paddle against the current. And so, it doesn't really matter what others are deciding. The questions is: "As I am choosing to stand here, it's a way for dollars to flow through me in exchange for the effort I am offering. Am I predominantly letting the Energy flow through me, or not? Am I letting it in?


OK Fall is officially here

by Diane Broussard


The times are changing. As the sun moves lower , the pond in my back yard does not even get any sun. I know Winter will soon be here. It means the rains are coming and the rivers and ponds will soon be full  again. There is no doubt in my mind.

We in the country have had a hard Summer , but nothing remains the same. The homes are still here for sale and the the foothills are still the best place to find peace and tranquility. I am always here to guide you through the process of buying or selling a new home. Check out all the homes and ranches available on my web site and sign up to get all my latest updates and news.

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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